sounds of the week past – w/e 28 apr 13

obviously this one is late. has anyone missed it? frankly i’d be surprised… however, that thought leads me to include a note as to why i post these lists.

music informs all my creative endeavours and while i’ve not been making music myself for a while, it permeates my images and my words. i listen to music during most of my waking hours, including when i create. i like the square format for my images through my love of vinyl LPs and their covers; often some elements in my images lend themselves to potential suitability for such use.

in my writing, my style of verse is a development of the lyric writing i have done for years due to being involved in various bands. i am actually trying to move away from rhyming patterns and obvious meter as these things have begun to come too easily and leave the pieces feeling a bit hokey.

music = air.

North Atlantic Oscillation – ‘Grappling Hooks’ (2010 album)
Katatonia – ‘Night Is The New Day’ (2009 album)
Moby – ‘Destroyed’ (2011 album)
Anathema – ‘Weather Systems’ (2012 album)
Nosound – ‘A Sense Of Loss’ (2009 album)
North Atlantic Drift – ‘Scholars Of Time Travel (2012 ep)
North Atlantic Oscillation – ‘Fog Electric’ (2012 album)
Oceansize – ‘Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up’ (2010 album)
Radiohead – ‘In Rainbows’ (2007 album)
Error – ‘Error’ (2004 ep)
Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving – ‘Failed By Man And Machine’ (2013 ep)
Theory Of Machines – ‘EP 1’ (2011 ep)
Red Sparowes – ‘Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun’ (2006 album)
Southern – ’11 Years’ (2011 ep)
Our Ceasing Voice – ‘That Day Last November’ (2013 album)
sleepmakeswaves – ‘…and so we destroyed everything’ (2011 album)
Mark Lanegan Band – ‘Blues Funeral’ (2012 album)
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – ‘Sunday At Devil Dirt’ (2008 album)
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – ‘Hawk’ (2010 album)
Bomb The Bass – ”Black River’ (feat. Mark Lanegan) – EP’ (2009 ep)
Soulsavers – ‘Broken’ (2009 album)
Mark Lanegan – ‘Field Songs’ (2001 album)


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