‘two thousand thirteen’

you brought me to my knees
i thrashed
and begged
and screamed
a mountain of pills
and i was deemed mentally unsound
doomed perhaps
shut away
the poking and probing and prodding
made me feel like atlas
but one was in there somewhere
one morsel
one hope
everywhere and nowhere at once
debilitating and energising
at the same time
i had reached the sublime
but at what price
the ticking clock felt like a migraine
i took steps
then speeding up like a runaway train
i found myself in hostage to my whims
and will never be the same
acts of provocation
torment and flight
reached their zenith
and try as i might i could not contain
the emotion that surged
and surges still
oh heart, please be still
lest i still you myself
i search for that morsel
like a panhandler for the smallest nugget
i cannot let my soul be blighted
by the seeds of regret
[deconstructed version here]

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