‘the journey’

we don’t have to call ourselves
anything but who we are
we can use the names bestowed
or choose new ones
as we see fit
as we learn, explore and discover
the truths of our selves in this world
we can share
becoming telepathic
we’ll know where each is at
and communicate our thoughts
like a language of our own

i will give you a special name
it will be a secret from the world
you may use it as you wish
or just accept it as a gift
we will become bonded
by knowledge most supreme
and radiate its glory
to all those who come near
and whilst the knowledge may be shared
the journey will be ours
alone and together at once
in this new world we have found

i will reach out if you stumble
somewhere along the path
you need only to grasp my hand
to be rectified once again
and if you need to go alone
somewhere along the way
i will provide the space you require
keeping my ears open for your call
when it’s cold we’ll build a fire
and when it’s warm we’ll find a pool
and though one is enough it pales
in comparison to two

[deconstructed version here]


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