she doesn’t want me to take my life
she’d rather put me in the ground herself
digging digging digging the hole
to fling my wretchedness into
cuz if you want something done right
you’ve gotta do it yourself
and she doesn’t think i’d get it right
doesn’t think i’d have the might
only when i’m out of sight is she happy
is she happy?
i doubt she even knows

push my face down into the dirt
scrape my skin make sure it hurts
drain my soul take it away
i doubt it’ll fetch very much on ebay
end up tossing it anyway
amongst the trash
when you have your crash
and hear my voice haunt your dreams
find your stuffing busting your seams
there’s no way if you don’t make a way
nothing will come on a silver tray
you must decide whether you want it to be

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